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Combinational external fixator B instrument boxes III

Pin to rod coupling 2020020834 φ8/3.5-4  
Rod to rod coupling 202009-0808 φ8/8
Rod to rod coupling 202009-1111 φ11/11
Pin to rod coupling 202002-1156 φ11/5-6
T clamp 202007-1105 φ11/5
Bone screws SS10400930 HA4×90
SS10501135 HA4×110
SS10501345 HA5×130
SS10601345 HA6×130
SS10501550-B HB5×150
SS10601550-B HB6×150
Drill bit Z28200 2.8×200
Z38200 3.8×200
Drill bit Z48200 4.8×200  
Screw driver QX3001-40 φ4
QX3001-50 φ5
Guides QX3004-40 φ4
QX3004-50 φ5
QX3004-60 φ6
Pressurizer QX3008 Standard
Open spanner QX3003-1010 #10
Connecting rod CF08-150 φ8×150
CF08-200 φ8×200
CF08-250 φ8×250
CF08-300 φ8×300
CF11-150 φ11×150
CF11-200 φ11×200
CF11-250 φ11×250
CF11-300 φ11×300
CF11-360 φ11×350
Box QXH05 B-Ⅲ

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